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Njoro Country Club History


Njoro Country Club is a Private Members club, family oriented with a nonpareil and diverse cultural class of membership.
potential candidates must be introduced by two members of the club; a proposer and a seconder who must have been members of the club for a minimum of three years and are of good standing, five additional supporters who are irreproachable. Application may be for a resident or distant member. A distant member is defined as a person residing a distance over a radius of 50kms from the club house.

Jim and Jean Haggerty of Njoro Country Club represented Kenya at the Africa States Tournament which comprised Malawi, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Kenya

McLellan Trophy

The McLellan Trophy is Licensed to Njoro Country Club Bowling Section. It is set for Nov 9th and 10th .Barbara McLellan had the trophy made in memory of his husband Robin McLellan who died in 1994.It is a handsome trophy made of silver pith helmet in his memory. He was known for wearing the old pith helmet instead of a regular hat.

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