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Njoro Country Club Bowling

Our Bowling History

Njoro Country Club stands as a unique institution within the vibrant tapestry of clubs in Kenya, distinguished by its exclusive possession of a Bowling Green. This captivating feature sets Njoro Country Club apart, offering members and enthusiasts a refined space to indulge in the timeless sport of lawn bowling.

The club's bowling tradition traces its roots back to the late 1950s, a period steeped in rich history and anecdotes shared by seasoned individuals who have been witness to its evolution. Although records may be somewhat scarce, the prevailing consensus among long-time members suggests that the introduction of bowling to Njoro Country Club occurred during this pivotal era.

Njoro Country Club proudly aligns itself with the prestigious Kenya Bowling Federation, showcasing its commitment to the promotion and development of the sport at both the local and national levels. Becoming a member of Kenya Bowling Federation is a prerequisite for bowlers at Njoro Country Club, a testament to the club's dedication to upholding the standards set by the association.

Who started it and when sadly we do not know for the foundations of the Green and retaining walls had long been established alongside the 18th Hole at Njoro Country Club when Jim Haggerty joined the club. Jim had been "bitten by the bowls bug" in Mombasa and soon met up with a soul mate in Nick Carter , a keen bowler from New Zealand . With Ivor Keen a member and Lou Clegg appearing on the scene about the same time , Njoro had a team with the knowledge , skill and eagerness to bring the earlier dream into a tangible fact. The Club Committee through David Broach, President and Reg Falkener , Treasurer , gave them enthusiastic support , one practical form being setting aside of part of the old wooden clubhouse as a bowls pavilion and committee room .
Having acquired several sets of woods from Thomsons Falls Club the Bowls Section became active in 1969 and Mrs. Lofty Drews designed a badge for it which incorporated a wheat sheaf , symbolizing the great wheat growing area . Affiliation to the K.B.A. followed in 1970 .
A competitive spirit was stimulated with donation of Trophies for Singles , Pairs and Triples . Quite a number of bowlers in Kenya today including the Barnes , the Keens , the Pavelys and the Sheffields rolled their first bowl under the guidance of Njoro members .
The first Captain was N. Carter , followed by J. Haggerty , I. Keen , M. Ter Kuile and W. Cawley . Jean haggerty and Kay Keen have borne the brunt of the secretarial duties and over the years the Club has been ably represented on KBA Council by Tommy Ball , Charles Radbone and Reg Fright .
Spoons have been a regular feature of the bowling programme , members of many nationalities travelling from as far a field as Maji Mazuri - some 30 miles - to take part . In 1972 the Club hosted its first Njoro Day , for which Esso presented a trophy, sponsorship was generously taken over by Kenya Breweries in 1977 . Njoro Day has always been a great occasion for Njoro Club members to meet players from other areas and they like to go-to-town with entertainment and raffles ( Paddy Roche can collect his donkey anytime ) members from all sections joining in to make it a real event.
This tradition continues under the leadership of Marius Ter Kuile and his Committee.
Njoro congratulated the Kenya Bowling Association on its 25th Anniversary and hoped to continue in its affiliation with it.
Jim and Jean Haggerty of Njoro Country Club represented Kenya at the Africa States Tournament which comprised Malawi, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Kenya.

McLellan Trophy

The McLellan Trophy is Licensed to Njoro Country Club Bowling Section. It is set for Nov 9th and 10th .Barbara McLellan had the trophy made in memory of his husband Robin McLellan who died in 1994.It is a handsome trophy made of silver pith helmet in his memory. He was known for wearing the old pith helmet instead of a regular hat.

Courtesy Andrew Stephen Jones, organizing secretary Kenya Bowling Federation

An annual highlight on the Njoro Country Club calendar is the eagerly anticipated 'Njoro Weekend' Bowling Competition. This marquee event attracts participants from bowling clubs across Kenya, bringing together individuals and teams in a spirited showcase of skill and camaraderie. The event serves not only as a testament to the club's commitment to the sport but also as a vibrant celebration of the broader bowling community in the region.

As members converge on the immaculately maintained Bowling Green, the echoes of camaraderie and competition resonate through the picturesque surroundings of Njoro Country Club. It is a place where tradition meets contemporary passion, and where the artistry of bowling finds its home amid the club's lush, green expanses.

History of Bowling in Kenya

The very first Bowling Green in Kenya was laid by the Municipality in City Park in the mid 1930's. Work on a Green at Karen Country Club was started in 1945 and finally completed in 1949. The Vet Lab set a green 25th march 1954 the KBA was formed and the Founder Clubs were Nairobi City Council Bowls Club , Karen Country Club and Vet Lab .

Royal Nairobi Golf Club Bowls Section was admitted to the Association in July 1955.Limuru joins KBA in April 1958 June 1958 , Mombasa Sports Club opens a Green and was affiliated in July 1958 Muguga Club joined KBA in June 1959 . Nairobi Club Bowls Section was affiliated in September 1959 Kenya Meat Commission was affiliated in October 1959 At the AGM of 1961 it was reported that Bowls Clubs had been formed at Nyeri , Ruiru , Thomsons Falls and Naivasha , affiliations were anticipated ? June 1961 construction began on a Green at Machakos Sports Club Nyeri and Ruiru were affiliated to KBA November 1961 In 1962 there were 11 Clubs affiliated to KBF and membership stood at 235 1964 the Bowls Green at Muthaiga Golf Club was completed and they were affiliated to the Association .

In 1964 the playing membership had exceeded 300 for the first time . Mount Kenya Safari Club opens its Green in 1965 Makuyu Club is affiliated to KBA September 1965 . Njoro Country Club bowling green was set up in the late 1950's and In January 1971, affiliated to KBA becoming the 15 member. At the start of 1973 membership had fallen to 153 1973 , Vet Lab Bowls Section folds up 1974 , both Nairobi Railways Club and City Park Bowls Club shut down .
Muthaiga Country Club in 1979 recorded that it wished to lay a Green , it took another 13 years to materialize and it opened in March 1993 .

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